18 September 2009

Freaky Friday in Emmaus, PA

I was cemetery exploring in Emmaus, PA and I came to this little cemetery on 2nd street. There was a mausoleum in there and it was overgrown and not really taken care of. Shame for it really. I feel a little bad for it. I can't even tell who was buried in there. You can't even see the door it is so over grown.

I tried to get on top of it, since some of it is in the ground. I didn't feel real comfortable doing that since the ground felt soft. I even tried to open up the door to the gate and it was so full of plants that it can't move. I tried both sides of the fence and building and you can't see anything.

At this point I just gave up. I figured, forget it. I went to go to my car and I saw a little window in the back. I got on my stomach to see inside. It was dark and very cold. The smell that came out of the mausoleum was something that I never smelled before. It was musty and moldy. It was like a bad perfume that someone kept because of the cool looking bottle and it went rancid. I decided to take some pictures through that little window. Some of them were a little freaky.

When it came to the photos of the inside, it was very dark and I had a very small space to work with. I couldn't move my camera and I couldn't see where I was pointing. I got a concrete slab, which I don't know if it was a tomb to just a bench. I even got a picture of the ceiling in all it's deteriorating glory. But the one that confuses me the most is the picture of the door.

This picture of the door just fascinates me. See the little white balls by the opening on the door? My lens wasn't dirty. This was the first picture of the inside that I took. If it was dirty, all my pictures after words should be dirty. They could be cobwebs, but there wasn't any cobwebs in the window that I could see. It could be ghosts, but I have my reservations about that theory. Either way, this mausoleum was just creepy. Maybe it is full of ghosts or maybe it is the mystery that surrounds it. I am not sure, but it is worth making a trip there again.


  1. Haha...sometimes I feel like I go all out for a pic. A couple weeks ago I hung my camera by the wrist strap and dropped into the side of an above ground grave that had a big crack in it...I'll post it soon...nice post...

  2. I had a weird dream after I took that picture that I lost my camera in the window. I am known for not putting the wrist strap on. I have just a little Fujifilm FinePixJ110w but I can't afford to replace it.


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