09 October 2009

Cemeteries long forgotten/Freaky Friday

For my Freaky Friday, I'm focusing on a creepy cemetery that I saw on my way to Wegmans one day. I have no name for it. It isn't marked. It also isn't taken care of. I would just like to show you some pictures from it. However, I have to let you know that I didn't feel welcome in there. It was almost like I was being yelled at for even being there. I had to look down to where I was walking since I couldn't see the ground and there was a big Poke Weed shrub growing in the middle of it. This is my little unknown cemetery of Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Benjamin Woodring. Born November 22,1829, died September 29, 1878.

Broken tombstones that are just thrown away.

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