22 October 2009

Old Cemtery in Emmaus, PA

I'm trying to find my friend's baby brother who was buried in a cemetery at North 2nd and Ridge St in Emmaus, Pennsylvania. I'm doing research up the butt about it but I'm finding very little about this place. However, I did find something really neat. I found out that it is being taken care of.

Remember the post on the mausoleum I did a while back? This is what it looked like in September when I took my first trip.

This is what it looked like today. It's amazing how this thing looked. I turned around the corner and it was cleaned up! I could see the name on it. Kemmerer 1884. My mom told me that the name is a famous local name. The Kemmerer's were business people. I am hoping that the last name will help me find more about this cemetery.


  1. An amazing transformation! Kudos to you for spotlighting it and Kudos to those "unknowns" who did all the hard work making it beautiful!

  2. Heh, thanks. But I'm getting help from Joe for a personal reason with this cemetery. He helped me find out what the name was so I am now one step closer to finding the records.


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