02 October 2009

Revolutionary War Heroes

In most of my local graveyards, I find many revolutionary war heroes. Some of them are really worn down tombstones that I wouldn't know who it was if it wasn't for the government issued military memorial markers. Some of them really got my attention.

This one was in the Egypt Cemetery by the Egypt Community Church on Church St in Egypt, PA. If it's hard to read, don't worry! It's in German! Most of the stones in this cemetery are in German.

This is Johan Nicol Meier, born Dec 31, 1724 and died April 21, 1775. He served in the PA Militia. I think the biblical text is John 3:4-5.

What fascinates me with this stone is the back. There is a picture that looks like a rose growing out of a pot. I didn't see that on any of these old tombstones that I know of. Most of the old ones that I see from this time period are broken, missing, or falling over. This piece of folk art seems to just have weather against it.

Now I have to get some rest. It is night time for me and I have to go to another cemetery tomorrow.


  1. Very strange. I've been really into folk art lately. I wish we had a cemetery that old out here. I need to get out today. I have the bug...

  2. I've been having the bug myself lately. I'm hoping when I go up to the Poconos this weekend there will be many times I can use my camera.


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