15 October 2009

"That Thing" Thursday

For my first ever "That Thing" Thursday, I present to you two discarded cicada shells. These little guys stay in the ground and come out after 7 years. We just recently had a swarm here in Pennsylvania in 2004. I'm just happy that I didn't see the actual bugs. They are big and ugly. Ergh.


  1. Oh yes, I've seen a number of these around our yard. They also leave very distinctive holes in the ground.

  2. I remember how our yard was ripped up last time they swarmed. We had them everywhere.

  3. Ohhhh...no. One thing everyone knows about me is I don't do bugs. I'd probably run from the shells. I'm glad to live in California where we just have normal bugs. About the worst we have is what we call a Potato Bug. I don't know what everyone else calls it but probably my most hated bug.

  4. We have stink bugs and box elder beetles everywhere. OH! When I was in the Poconos there was a resident spider that was pretty big. With legs it was about 1 inch. Yeah, it stayed in between the window.


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