13 October 2009

Tombstone Tuesday

Well, I am back from vacation. These past four days I was in a cabin with my parents. I had no running water, saw little wildlife, and froze our behinds off for most of these four days. However, it was worth it.

And guess what? There was a cemetery there! It was actually a nice little finding. My parents and I went to Milford to see the Lincoln Flag. I remember reading online about Chief Thundercloud. According to The Pike County Historical Society's website, www.pikecountyhistoricalsociety.org, Chief Thundercloud was a famous American Indian who was believed to be a model for the buffalo nickel and the last five dollar gold piece that was minted in the US. He came from Dingmans Ferry in Pike County. He was a scout for the US Army. He also worked for P.T. Barnum and Buffalo Bill Wild West Show. He is buried in Dingmans Ferry Graveyard, on Rt 209.

My dad and I walked to find the grave. It was on a bit of a hill. We found it from the many gifts that were left there. Of course, I walked the rest of them but I still have to go through all of my photos from vacation.

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