27 October 2009

Tombstone Tuesday

It's not really a tombstone but Baby Boy Bower still needs to be recognized. This is the reason I am trying hard to find out about that cemetery in Emmaus, PA.

Baby Boy Bower is the brother of one of my mom's co-workers and friend, Jen. I originally found this cemetery passing it to find the places were my family is buried. Jen grew up in Emmaus and my mom told her about my little gem. That is when mom told me about Jen wanting to put a tombstone on her brother's grave but didn't know where he was because the marker was gone. I went back to take pictures of how unclean it was and I got this.

Would you believe it? The place was clean! I was a little thrilled actually. If that place wouldn't have been cleaned up, I wouldn't have found that marker, which happens to be in the wrong place.

That's right! The wrong place. According to Jen, her mom went to visit Baby Boy Bower and found that the marker was missing. It wasn't stolen. It was just moved. So that was a step in the right direction.

I called town hall. No one knew about this cemetery. If it wasn't for Deez here, I would never have known the name of the place! It's called Evangelical Cemetery. Thanks Deez!

Yesterday, I called the building, which happens to be a Masonic Temple. The records of where people are buried aren't there. They did tell me that the records should be with the Evangelical Association. So there is going to be a phone call tomorrow. I am really hoping that I can find where his marker should be. That way Jen can give her brother a proper stone.

Update 12/26/09: I called the Lehigh County Historical Society. It is listed on the website that they had cemetery records of the Emmaus Evangelical Cemetery. I called with high hopes just to have them crushed because it isn't the same cemetery. I called the Evangelical Association and they didn't have any information. Now I'm stuck.

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