23 November 2009

Max Hess Jr. (1911-1968)

When I visited Grandview Cemetery in Allentown, PA, I saw these mausoleums which just made me absolutely giddy. I took a picture of this on. I got it developed and I noticed the inside was very plain. What got my attention was who was buried in it.

Max Hess Jr, the second owner of one of the greatest stores in Allentown, PA called Hess' Brothers. I ran it from 1932-1968.
In 1953, the B.C. Forbes & Sons book, America’s Twelve Master Salesmen, Hess is on there as the second. If you have an hour, I recommend you watch the PBS documentary on Hess' called Hollywood on Hamilton. You can even read up on the store here.

By the way, if you click on the picture of the inside, Max Hess Jr is buried on the bottom left.

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