12 November 2009

"That Thing" Thursday

Deez inspired this post in his own way. At one point he did a "That Thing" Thursday about himself. Well, now I'll do one about me in a round about way.

I won't show you pictures of me, but I will tell you that my full name is Rebecca Kate. Doing my family tree I was told that I was named off of the person that raised my father and someone he loves very much.

I am named off of his grandmother and my great grandmother Katie E. Hoffman. She was born in 1893 and died in 1976. We even have the old rocking chair that she used to rock my dad in when he was little. I really don't know much about Mammy Kate (that's what my dad used to call her) or her husband Pappy Spence. I heard that Pappy Spence was a bit of a boozer in his day. You can see that from the pictures I have. The two of them seemed so happy to be alive.

Pappy Spence died of leukemia in 1965. I don't know what Mammy Kate died of. Mom told me that she fell and broke her hip. She wasn't the same after that. Another death certificate will be mailed to me in the next month or so!

Anyone remember the post about Katie and William Meitzler? When I look at Katie on the right of this picture, I think I look a lot like her. I'm heavy like her. I'm built like her. I see myself in Katie. I did find out a lot of stuff about her since I received a copy of her death certificate. She died of Chronic Myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart. She had it for about 1 year. Her parents where Violetta Hilbert and Thomas Hark. For some reason I feel attached to her.

Ok, now for the real trivial stuff. I am a Certified Pharmacy Technician. I work for Newhard Pharmacy Long Term Care in Northampton, PA. I just turned 28 on November 10th. My favorite color is blue. I enjoy long walks in cemeteries and I really like piƱa coladas so if you are a single guy...sorry. Oh, I also play World of Warcraft. I have been playing it since December 29, 2005. So yes, I'm shelling out awful amounts of money to Blizzard Entertainment.

Anything else you want to know? Ask away! I'll probably answer it.

Ok, now I'm off to play World of Warcraft. I work tomorrow 1pm to 9pm so I can stay up really late. Woot!


  1. Dang that's a lot of info...lol. My girlfriend is also a Certified Pharmacy Tech. I know there's a name and some initials and stuff that go with it but can't remember what they are. Nice to see you're breaking out of your shell Rebecca Kate...Can't say I play Warcraft though...have fun with it...

  2. Don't start. It's addicting and Blizzard can be a bit of a tool at times.

  3. Becky, Glad to see you ordered the death certificate and that you seemed to have been bitten by the genealogy bug.


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