10 November 2009

Tombstone Tuesday

For Tombstone Tuesday, I'll be focusing on George Levan, born October 16, 1791 and died August 18th, 1845. What got me is that he had a total of 17 children. What did he do all day? Don't answer that question. Being a woman, I thought "Wow. I wonder if he died happy."

He married Mary Levan in 1810 and they had 11 children. He got married a second time. He married Christianna and had 6 children.

Ouch. Of course, he didn't feel a thing.


  1. Wow 17 children, I wonder how many survived to be adults in those days?

  2. Wow being a guy it's so hard for me to not say something offensive here..lol. I can say that it amazes me that people back then had so many children and were able to somehow raise them all. I'm sure many of the kids ended up helping in the raising of the little ones. If I had 17 kids I'd be in a nut hut somewhere...

  3. LOL Deez, I would as well. I always say I have three too many! Ahh, they know I love them.

    Becky, seems we know what kept George here busy, lol!


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