01 January 2010

Freaky Friday

Here is the tombstone of Morton Marcus Schadt (August 10, 1899 - May 5, 1890). What freaked me out about this was how the baby looks. It looks like it was restored or patched up. What else is slightly creepy is the shell. Usually I see lambs or doves but this was just plain weird.

I got curious about the shell and took a look on what it could mean. My friends at Google helped me find a website on graveyard symbolism. According to this website, the shell means baptism or rebirth. The sleeping child inside of the shell also has a meaning. It's a symbol of death. Death and Rebirth. Reminds me of the beginning and the end.


  1. Yeah that does look a little creepy...good post...

  2. It does look a little creepy. I recently took a pic of a large shell like this but it didn't have the baby. It represents the cycle of life, birth and death.


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