07 February 2010

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!

That's right! We had a blizzard here. Of course, I don't view it that way. We had 6 inches fall here in Pennsylvania while some other places on the Eastern Coast of the United States got 27 inches or more! Of course, on my way home from work today, I decided to take some quick cemetery pictures with the snow.

I took a quick drive through St Joseph's Catholic Cemetery in Coplay, PA. That was the first place I visited because I pass it every day on my way home and to work.

Of course, on the other side of me, the sun is setting. It has the brightest shades of yellow and orange reflected off of the clouds. So, I decided to take another trip to another cemetery. This one I also pass on my way to and from work. This one is in the Stiles section of Whitehall, PA and is called Arlington Memorial Park.

This is one of my favorite pictures. There are flags everywhere on this cemetery. The plaques are hidden by the snow. If it wasn't for the flags and the gifts left for people, you wouldn't know that you where at a cemetery. I was a little disappointed. The bell tower to chime while I was there.

Of course, I have to go home. I have to remember that we have another storm coming on Wednesday and I'll be off on Thursday! Maybe, if it isn't that bad, I can get some nice pictures with the snow falling.


  1. Sigh.....I love a cemetery in the snow!

  2. Great pictures! Hmm, guess I should put my boots on today and walk to some local cemeteries; they probably look lovely today.


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