26 March 2010

"What is it?"

Joe and a bunch of other people at work and in my life asked me what this picture was of. Of course, the picture was this:
It is an angel without a face. She's stunning really. Of course, this isn't her most flattering side.

The tomb stone itself is just amazing. This angel comes from the headstone of Phoebe Trexler, the wife of Nathan Trexler. She lived from February 2nd, 1801, until December19, 1873. She was blessed with 5 children. They were Emeline, Sarah, Edwin, Charles and James.

There doesn't seem to be anything fancy about Phoebe or anything that made her famous that I could find. However, this tombstone is just amazing. For being over 100 years old, the detail is just amazing.

What else got me is that her husbands headstone is just about the same. However, that is an article for another day.


  1. Wow...thanks for putting that to a story...made it even more interesting...

  2. I agree with Joe and thank you both.

  3. The next question would be where is it?


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