21 May 2010

James Ford d.1781

James Ford, d.1781, is currently buried at St Peter's Episcopal Church in Salem, Massachusetts. He was a master write, as his head stone states, but he was also a stone cutter. He cut stones from 1741 until his death in 1781. He also taught penmanship to boys and was a treasurer of the church he is currently "residing" at.

Even though the tombstones were carved by hand , there was not a signature by the stone carver. The way to tell was by the characteristics of the carvings. James Ford had precise, fancy lettering and he used lower case letters. Also, his "J" was written as an "I" and is "l" was written as a "J".

He also carved his own head and foot stone. These stones are on the left hand side of the doors to St Peter's Episcopal Church.

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