09 June 2010

Another Day in the Hunt for My Family Tree

I was so happy. I figured out where my great great great great grandparents, Mary and Daniel Eck, where buried. They are at the Most Blessed Sacrament Church in Bally, PA. I had a day planned to go walk the cemetery. I put on my walking clothes and my best sneakers and got into the car. I put the church's address into my GPS. I drove there. I got into the parking lot. I went into the cemetery and couldn't find them.

That's right, I couldn't find them. I went into the new cemetery. They died in the early and mid 1800's. Of course I'm not going to find them there! The dates averaged late 1800's. I thought, this isn't right. There has to got to be some place else.

So I went for a walk around the church. I was very surprised to see this:
Unmarked graves! The tombstones were put up against a wall and were piled 5-6 stones deep. I walked around it hoping to find them but I had no luck. So, I went home and did some research.
During the 1950's, Hurricane Diane came through Pennsylvania. It flooded many places. Bally happened to be one of them. Most of the stones were destroyed. The ones that did survive were found in a nearby creek. They were put in a U shape around the church.

So, Daniel and Mary Eck are currently in an unmarked grave. I doubt if the stones still exist and I can't afford to put one on their graves with a Pharmacy Technician's salary. At least I know where they are.


  1. As you say at least you know where they are and I am sure they appriciated you paying your respects.

  2. I'm looking to see if I can get a stone for them. The cheapest I found is $1,400. For that much, I'll take two pieces of wood and make a cross.

  3. That’s a lot of money. I am sure a personal one which you have made would be much more appreciated by your great great great great grandparents.

  4. I'm hoping that I can. I have to call the church and see where they are and if I can even put anything on the graves.

  5. Good luck, I hope you can. I had a similar problem in that a cemetery manager wouldn't let me restore a grave (long story, not immediate family, never been done before, blah blah blah.) They did however let me put a small brass plaque with the deceased's names on which is something.

  6. I don't know what i would be able to do. I would figure something out. Thanks for the little ray of hope though. That made me feel a little better.


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