20 June 2009

Random Shots from Favorite Spots

I'm being lazy today so I've decided to share a few shots that I've taken at Mountain View Cemetery in Oakland, CA and Cypress Lawn in Colma, CA. In the future I'll probably be doing more research on some of these. Research seems to take the longest especially when all I start with is a name and burial location. Most of the time the only thing I know is that I like something about the way the person chose to be remembered...

Mountain View Cemetery Oakland, CA

Charles Main is buried here and once my research is complete I will have more information to provide. I can tell you for now that Main St. in San Francisco is named for him. I like this because of the Gothic architecture.

Mountain View Cemetery Oakland, CA

Absolutely one of my favorite shots of any that I've taken. Not sure who's buried here but a beautiful accidental shot...

Mountain View Cemetery Oakland, CA

Charles Crocker (1822-1888) I thought the angel atop his resting place looked rather bored. I found that interesting...

Cypress Lawn Colma, CA

I am still in the research phase of this one. I can tell you this statue is about 15 feet tall. You can not truly appreciate it unless you're standing there staring up. It's a possibility that Louis P. Drexler is buried here but I'm still researching...

Cypress Lawn Colma, CA

This is called the Angel of Grief or Pool Memorial. The detail in the wings of this statue is beyond description. Another must see...buried here is Jennie Roosevelt Pool cousin of Theodore Roosevelt

Cypress Lawn Colma, CA

Thomas Larkin is marked by this beautiful angel seen here. I have already done a piece on Larkin in a previous post but had to include this statue. The feather alone must have taken forever to complete. Simply amazing artwork.

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  1. Love the photo of the Angel of Grief. Beautiful.


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