18 September 2009

Freaky Friday - Oak Hill Cemetery San Jose, CA

Ok so I'll let you decide on the level of freakyness here. But from this perspective this crypt seemed perfectly normal to me. Nothing out of the ordinary anyway. I have this obsession with having to peer in and see how many people are in there and as I got close I noticed some strange writing on the steps just before the door. I couldn't quite make it out with my eyes but I've found that if I hold my camera up to things sometimes it helps me to read them. In the next picture you'll see what I saw.

It looked to me like it said "Salara". I looked inside and I didn't see anyone with that name buried inside. I could still be way off on what it said. And it could just be someone decided to scratch their name at the steps. I'm always a skeptic when it comes to ghosts and all that stuff so I think I'm going to need some more convincing. I just found this one more strange than anything. Like the saying goes "Guess you had to be there"

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