17 April 2010

Strange Saturday - The Ghost Tree

Ok first allow me to apologize for my lack of activity here lately as I've been getting killed by work in the real world and it's hard to be creative when I'm so darn tired.

I was going through some pics today and came upon this pic which I've worked with in Photoshp before. I was taking a picture of the shadows because I found them interesting. Does anybody notice anything weird about this picture? I didn't at first either. But notice how all the shadows of the trees start from the base of the tree and branch out. Keep in mind this is an untouched photo. Look at the shadow on the bottom of the picture. I see a shadow but no tree to support the shadow. The way the picture looks the tree that once stood there is off to the right. Then why does it's shadow still remain? I'm not sure if that was the tree that once stood there. That's just speculation. But there is definitely no tree to support this shadow...hmm


  1. That is a truly aweosme one of a kind pic! Maybe I should go back thru mine now!

  2. I kept thinking maybe the tree is off to the left and the rolling of the ground covers part of the shadow, but after looking closely, it does not look like that can be the case. Very spooky!

  3. You can see a drain pipe coming out of the ground to the right and the shadow of my car as well. The drop wasn't that big at all. Not big enough to cover a tree anyway...

  4. Leave it to you Joe to come up with a picture like this, eerie!


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