10 May 2010

Granite BMW Car Monument.

This man was a car fanatic, he died last year and his family wanted to mark his passing with a memorable monument. They decided on a headstone in the shape of his favourite BMW M3 convertible. Weighing one ton, the BMW sculpture had to be lowered on to the grave by crane in an operation involving 20 people. It cost around £50,000. Following the recent article in the paper we went to Manor Park cemetery in London to see it and here are the photos. All images © J Trend-Hill.


  1. Extraordinary! I wonder what people 200 years from now will think of this monument. Thanks for sharing these photos. Cheers! Jennifer

  2. I think it's insane, albeit beautiful. With as many people in the world starving and homeless it would have been better to give that money to help them out.

  3. I thought the thing was real! I thought it was a real car!

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