08 January 2010

Lone Tree Cemetery Hayward, CA

I had to go to Hayward, CA the other day for a meeting and hadn't taken lunch. I decided I could eat or see what the nearest cemetery was. Of course I'm going to the cemetery. Lone Tree was a medium sized cemetery that I would have never found without the help of my handy GPS on my cell phone. There were a couple stories here and one I'm still doing a little research on. The other is this firefighters' memorial you see here. I thought this was a great way to memorialize firefighters. Sometimes I'll see a fire bell or something to that effect but never had I seen fire hydrants randomly placed throughout the section. I'm sure someone is going to ask what that big set of hands is in the background of this picture. Did you think I missed that? Not hardly. It wasn't a grave marker that I could tell but somebody did scratch a fish like the one that is said to represent Jesus and J. Muir '94' on the bottom. I would think it is a reference to John Muir but haven't done the research to verify it. It could also be the artist that carved it now that I think about it. It seems that work gets in the way of a lot of my research. And since I don't get paid to do this I have to put that first sometimes. This carving was still incredible. It had lines in the fingers and everything. Just like real hands would. I stood there looking at it for a good 15 minutes. Either way it was a treat to be able to stand there and touch the hands and inspect them for a little while. I just wish my lunch break had been longer. I don't like feeling rushed through a cemetery...

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  1. Love the fire hydrants, so cool. I have seen a couple of big hands like that as memorials in Paris.


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