26 January 2010

A fungus among us.

Lately I've been obsessed with these mushrooms you see growing in the middle of the grass at some cemeteries. Many people probably have them growing on their lawns or on trees around their house as well. Note: do not put these in your spaghetti. This one had an interesting shape so I decided to take a picture. Found at Galt-Arno Cemetery in Galt, CA.


  1. I hate to eat mushrooms but love to photograph them!

  2. I also have a fascination with cemetery mushrooms. I thought I was the only one with this crazy fascination, glad to know Im not the only one :)
    I find them of all shapes and colors and have a folder full of mushroom photos LOL.

  3. Jeane...the right kind of mushrooms are delicious. We have people die out here all the time from picking wild mushrooms.

    Angela...you're not alone...

  4. I am pleased as punch to award you the Bloggers Best Friend Award.

    Stop by and pick up your award, and thanks for being my friend.



  5. That is a very good photograph. Think of the photoshop possibilities!


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