25 July 2009

GYR Carnival Favorite Photo

I figure it was only fitting that my submission of my favorite photo to the Graveyard Rabbits Carnival come from my favorite cemetery. This is the marker of Daniel and Mary Martin located in the Mountain View Cemetery in Oakland, CA. It was taken on my first trip to this cemetery and also marks the day I fell in love with the cemetery itself. I have taken thousands of pictures of various cemeteries and every time I come across this picture I get a smile on my face. The berries on the bush are only there a certain time of the year. This photo was taken in December of 2008. I went back at the beginning of July 2009 only to find the bush had been cut back and that another photo like this would not be possible.


  1. Great photo and very interesting, Deez. I have never seen anything like it in my various cemetery visits from state to state. And, I don't think I would rest on a grave either....my brothers are just nuts!!!

  2. Beautiful photo. I love how the capturing of a singular moment in time can bring a smile to your face forever more.

  3. Another winner of a photo. I learn something everytime I visit! Fabulous, keep up the good work, and thank you for sharing.

  4. Beautiful photo. Don't you just love the luck of being there at the right time for the perfect photo.

  5. This photo could be a post card! How is brings a smile to your face all the time makes it even more special!


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