12 January 2010

Tombstone Tuesday

I realize that everyone is waiting for my post on the Catholic cemetery I finally had a chance to visit but I'm holding off pending further information. So here I bring you the weird dog we saw at Stockton Rural Cemetery the other day. It appeared to be a stray since we could not verify that anyone else was actually in the cemetery at the time. It just made us wonder why the dog chose that particular grave since the people buried there died a long time before the dog was even born. We left the window rolled up and the doors locked. I'm not sure at all why I locked the door because to my knowledge dogs don't know how to open a car door. I guess I watched Cujo too much as a kid.


  1. I believe most animals (in particular dogs) are psychic so he’s obviously got his reasons to be there. He looks kind of protective…..big but protective! What a great shot.

  2. He sure is a beautiful dog! There obviously is something about that space that makes the dog feel comfortable!


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