20 November 2009

Freaky Friday

Not much in a cemetery freaks me out more than having a picture on your grave stone. There's something about knowing who is buried there that makes it more personal. I don't want to have a personal relationship with the person buried nor do I need to know what they looked like before death. The newer ones don't bother me as much as the older ones for some reason. It seems that the old clothes and old styles they had back then are what does it for me. Nowadays the families seem to find the worst picture possible to put on the grave of a loved one whereas back then everyone looked so stern and serious. Following are a couple examples of the ones that kind of creep me out.

This one wasn't so bad but looking at it I think it's mostly their eyes.

Ok this one freaked me out just a little. It appeared to be almost painted on.

Pictures of kids are always scary to me. Any horror movie I've ever seen with a kid in it has freaked me out. The Shining, Pet Cemetery, The Grudge all little kids and all a little freaky.

I would like to give my girlfriend credit for all but one of these pictures here. It seems I don't have too many of them. We usually visit the cemetery together and when I compared our folders she has a lot more of these than I do. Matter of fact I only have that one up there that I said was painted. I think if I see a picture of someone I usually try to avoid it. I don't like my trip to be personal or to feel a personal relationship with the dead. That's not why I go. I have been learning lately that sometimes the marker tells the story itself or allows you to at least speculate what may have happened. I'll be doing a piece on that soon. These things sometimes take more time than I have to put together...Thanks for reading...


  1. I actually find photos on graves quite interesting. I discovered an entire family group shot on one which I thought was rather sad. I also like the way some of them fade with age and the elements giving them a slightly spooky quality, but that’s probably just me! Thanks for posting these.

  2. If I can stomach it I'll take some more. They're just weird to me. I'm going to start taking pictures of the bad ones too but I don't want to offend anyone. There is one where the lady is in a hot tub in a very unflattering bathing suit...

  3. I know you wouldn't be insulting me. I should go to the Catholic cemetery in Northampton. There is a few in there with pictures but I didn't pay much attention to them. I should go back and visit it.

  4. I love headstones with photos included. Often I focus on the stone itself and so ones with photos slow me down to ponder the person before me.

    I have never seen one of a family. Thanks for sharing!


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