29 November 2009

Memorial plaques for A B Pite, West Norwood cemetery London.

Victorian architect Arthur Beresford Pite is buried in West Norwood cemetery South London. His grave sustained much damage over the years; the copper inscription plaques are missing and there is a great deal of subsidence.

Pite was the architect responsible for many wonderful buildings including Burlington Arcade, Christ Church Brixton, Institute of Chartered Accountants, 30 Euston Square, All Souls School Marylebone and Holy Trinity Church Clapham. His works, most of which survive today, and years spent teaching and lecturing at The Royal College of Art have shaped the landscape and minds of many.

I have carried out much research on Pite having been the Facilities manager in his Euston Square building, which I had Grade 2 special listed due to its significant architectural importance.

On 28th November 2009 I unveiled a plaque marking the 75th anniversary of Pite’s death. Wearing traditional Victorian mourning dress I delivered a speech at the graveside about the life and works of Pite and the grave restoration project for which I am raising funds. As there are currently no visible inscriptions or identifying features on the grave, I wanted people to be able to find it easily and the name Arthur Beresford Pite architect and educator to once more be known.


  1. That's pretty cool...always wanted to be able to help out in some way. I don't think I'd be doing the traditional dress although it's cool to see...

  2. The Victorian mourning dress was cool to do as it was related to the period of his life but I was freezing!!


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