28 March 2010

San Francisco Presidio Pet Cemetery

Dating to around 1950 the San Francisco Presidio Pet Cemetery can be considered one of only two cemeteries left in San Francisco. The other is of course the San Francisco National Cemetery also located at the Presidio. The Pet Cemetery is the final resting place of the pets of many Army personnel that were stationed at the Presidio in and around the 1950's. It was featured on the news one night and I decided that I was going the next day to check it out because I had no idea it was there. Turns out that it's not only home to cats and dogs but hamsters, gold fish, lizards, you name it. Many of the markers bear the names of the owners who happened to rank as high as General in some cases. I personally like the animal cemeteries just for the names alone. Where else are you going to see a weiner dog named Woody? A bunch of construction is going on in close proximity to the cemetery which is probably why it made the news. I don't know what all the construction is about because I didn't listen to that part. I just knew I had to get to this little cemetery before they blocked off the road or something. It's an interesting little stop on a trip to San Francisco. Much more interesting than the uniform military cemetery that we call the National. Here are a few more pics that I took while I was there...

Here you see people (tourists) on one of the many sight seeing tours you can take around San Francisco. The building in the back is what I believe to be military barracks. The Presidio is huge and dates back to the late 1700's when the Spanish ran California...

Here is a wider view where you can see more of the size of things. The orange/brown fence in the back is where they're doing the construction...


  1. I had no idea! Did you see a weiner dog named Tyler there too????? (That would have been one of my dogs, but considering there was no military, probably not) This had to be different and fun! Fun post!


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