11 March 2010

That Thing Thursday

So me and this little guy had a standoff the other day. We were trying to figure out who was going to make the first move and who was going to stay there and look like a chicken. I have to say that if he charged me I would have had to run. I can't have a squirrel giving me rabies or something especially when my whole life my mom scared me to death with the threat of 20 shots to the stomach from a big needle. I don't know if that's true or not but it sure doesn't sound appealing. And why the stomach? Anyway he/she ended up ignoring me for the most part as it was probably used to people walking around the cemetery. Sacramento City Cemetery is one of the busier ones I go to and being wide open it seems a good place for people to walk or just have a nice quiet outdoor place to sit. So I decided to follow it around a little bit to see what it was doing.
It kept a good distance as long as I was moving and then ignored me once I stopped. It would stop now and then to chew on a nut and then move on to doing some digging. I think I became more interested in the squirrel than it was in me. I'm pretty sick minded sometimes and for some reason I always drift to these ideas of having to survive during a disaster or something. I figured given that type of situation I wonder what squirrel tastes like? Not that I had planned on eating this little thing but just hypothetically. It seemed to have some meat on it and I've heard of country people eating them all the time. I prefer to stick to what I know which is mainly cows and chickens but after those were all gone I figured if I could get that close to a squirrel they'd be on my list after all the regular things were gone.

And now I realize I must be very tired this morning because I just spent 20 minutes writing about a squirrel and how I'd probably eat it if I had to. Looking at this picture I may have to opt for something else. Squirrels may just be safe based on cuteness alone. And now I'm rambling about a squirrel. My job has made me absolutely crazy...


  1. Sooo cute. I always try to remember to take nuts to feed the ones I know hang around some of my local cemeteries.

  2. The look different when they aren't Road Kill. We have one at work that I nicknamed Foamy.


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