04 March 2010

Van Ness - Parsons Egyptian Revival Tomb

Egyptian Revival architecture was a popular style of memorialization during the mid 19th Century. This fashionable trend made a resurgence in the 1920’s presumably because of the 1922 discovery of King Tutankhamen's tomb.

Albert Ross Parsons (1847-1933), a composer, musician, author and pyramid expert published The New Light from the Pyramids in 1893. Fittingly, this Egyptologist is entombed along with a number of family members in this pyramid-shaped mausoleum which combines Christian religious statuary and Egyptian symbolism,

An archival shot of this Egyptian Revival mausoleum appears in my book Green-Wood Cemetery by Alexandra Kathryn Mosca. Published in 2008, by Arcadia Publishing as part of its Images of America Series, the book chronicles many of Green-Wood's notables through words and photos.


  1. Amazing tomb!Tutankhamen never seems to fail to enthrall us.Every generations seems to discover him anew.Thank you for sharing this beautiful memorial.

  2. That is one I would so love to see in person!


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