01 March 2010


This is what happens to pedestrians in Kensal Green cemetery!

The watch from the City of London cemetery is the only one I have ever seen on a grave. I guess time runs out bit love doesn’t.

The abandoned bear is also from City of London; it was on the grave of a young girl and caught my eye. It was hardened due to the elements and a bit unstuffed but really tugged at the heart strings.

All the above are featured in my new book (out today) called Curiosities. Although this one isn’t a cemetery photography book (I began it whilst seeing odd things on my travels en route to cemeteries) it does contain some cemetery shots…..they just sort of creep in….!!

A photo book for the magpie within – bright shiny things, weird, wonderful or just downright funny, brought to you by the keen eyes and lens of photographer Jeane Trend-Hill. Compiled over a two year period, it contains 150 images of architecture, graffiti, fair grounds, classic cars and much more. A delightful book you’ll want to dip into again and again.

Available from:
Price £9.99.


  1. I'm soooo lazy...You've done 3 books in a matter of months and I have yet to release anything. It is coming though...


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