09 October 2009

Freaky Friday

I generally try to stay away from the graves of little kids while it seems my girlfriend is drawn to them. My reason is little kids are scary. In every horror movie or ghost story I've ever seen, those that have a little kid are the scariest. Think about it. The Shining, Not only was the main little kid scary it also had those 2 chopped up twins in the hallway. Pet cemetery, Even though the little kid didn't get scary until the end he freaked me out almost as much as that lady in the bedroom with the weird back thing going on. The Grudge, creepy little, screaming like a cat, bad haircut Asian kid. So as I was digging for something to post today I happened to look in one of her folders and I see this picture of this little girl. Alive and well I might say cute kid but in a picture taken some 50-100 years ago I'm going to go with freaky...

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