30 October 2009

Freaky Friday

This picture was taken at the Santa Clara Mission Cemetery. When I first walked up I was more interested in the elevated casket you see toward the left. But as I looked a little closer I became interested in somebody's home made sleeping arrangements on the right. I thought to myself, hmm at least you'd mostly be blocked from the wind. But could I sleep in a cemetery? Next to someone's grave? I'm not too sure this is my cup of tea. I guess it's working for whoever has been sleeping there. I did feel a little bad that someone out there has reached such a low in their life that they'd have to sleep here. But many times I look at someone and say "Well they've made their own bed. Now they have to lie in it"


  1. As always...you find the MOST interesting cemetery shots.

  2. That is so sad.

    I would never be able to sleep there. I have watched way to many horror flicks as a child.


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