31 October 2009

Happy Halloween Everyone

I was gonna save this for a freaky Friday but decided I'd show it to everyone today since it's Halloween and all. What's better than a big ol' spider in a cemetery? I am no expert on arachnids or anything. My rule of thumb is this. If it's not a daddy long leg then there is no way I'm getting close enough to have to smash it or catch it. Normally I won't kill any type of spider but if it gets on me it's risking certain death. This particular spider was brown and hairy and when I walked up it immediately ran to the center of it's web which is the only reason I saw it in the first place. I shivered thinking that if I didn't see it I would have likely walked into the web itself and then looked like a freak running through the cemetery screaming like I was on fire. I can't think of one bug I actually do like or want on me. Let this be a notice to all bugs. If you touch me I probably will kill you. Happy Halloween everyone and thank you for making this blog a success...

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  1. Eeeekkk I HATE spiders (even small ones) I love photographing webs though, but if I see spidey, I'm off like a shot from a gun!

    Happy Halloween.


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