21 February 2010

Rust in peace, London.

I’ve called this one ‘Rust in peace’, it’s the interior of some catacombs in London. Ok they don’t usually allow photographs inside the catacombs but………. I found it completely fascinating. Note the guy top left has a bell?!


  1. Wow! Brilliant photo and totally fascinating!!!

  2. Thank you, I took it because I found it quite fascinating and hoped it wouldn’t spook people. The bell thing made me smile.

  3. That is a fascinating sight. I`ve always wanted to see what it looked like behind the marble panels.

  4. You can rely on me to climb over fences and poke my camera where it isn’t allowed! A ‘Keep Out’ notice is like a ‘Hello and welcome Jeane’ sign! I’m never disrespectful like climbing on graves or intruding on people’s private moments in cemeteries but if I can quietly take a shot of something interesting without disturbing the dead or living I do so!

  5. Funnily enough, I went on a guided tour of a London catacomb a few years back and saw similar rusty pieces and lots of black flowers in glass cases, together with cloth hanging off the coffins. There was a strict no photography rule, but managed to shoot three rolls of film. Strangely , it was as if I didn't exist and the guide and sixty other people ignored me. Some time, another member of the group produced a happy snap camera and got shouted at!
    Great site.



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