24 February 2010

Yet Another Mystery

Inside Cypress Lawn Cemetery in Colma, CA there is what I refer to as "The Big Tree Thing" I have only been able to find one reference to it on the internet. It appears in a book called Alive in Necropolis and is referred to as "The Fern Grotto". There is definitely a stone structure underneath it all. Peering around the side I can see what looks to have been a walkway with a handrail made of tree branches. There is also an old bench that I could see looking over the edge. I know it's somebody's last resting place but who's? I talked to another person that visits here regularly and she said that not even staff can tell her who is buried here. I'd estimate the structure somewhere between 40 and 60ft tall. Around the side it has a gate with a sign that of course says "Caution Keep Out". It looks like one of these days when nobody is looking I'll have to risk life and limb to jump the fence and see what's in there.

This is a picture of the foliage that has crept up over the side of the structure over many years. I love this structure but I'd still like to know the story that goes with it. I'm hoping someone out there can tell me a little something about it.


  1. What an amazing old tree. There is one in Highgate cemetery in London, a cedar, which was there before the cemetery was built. They erected vaults around it and it’s still standing in the middle hundreds of years later.

  2. I have not seen this yet. I've really only explored Italian Cemetery in Colma, so now this is definitely on my hit list. Incredible!!

  3. I have got to get to Colma Deez!Even if it means driving through San Francisco by myself!This is great!I hope you find out more.


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