26 September 2009

The Day My Home Turned into a Haunted House - Anonymous

Who am I? In the world I am a nobody, but in Christ I am a Child of God. I am a Christian. God started speaking to me on a regular basis January 29, 2009 which was kind of cool, not the usual, but I’ve known Him for 27+ years so I had no issues with him speaking to me until June 6, 2009 when he told me the following (I usually write down what I hear Him saying to the best of my abilities):

6/6/09 – I am glad that you can hear the things that I am saying and you are right to say that you have a gift, for not all can hear the things of the Spirit. It is my wish that you listen to me closely for a time is coming when the sons of men will not believe that you hear My voice, but you must still listen to me for I must direct your path and tell you in which direction you must go. It is true that you have always had the ability to hear spirits. As you now know you have also seen them and there is coming a time very soon where I will open your eyes to these things. Many spirits speak because they want to tell you about the things that are tormenting their spirit selves. They cry out for revenge or serpentine because they cannot do what it is they want to do. Be not afraid for no spirit has control over you. You are protected by many angels who guard over you day and night. Be aware of your surroundings for many seek to speak to you knowing now that you can communicate with them. Not all have this ability, but it is true that I have given it to some. You say that you are a ‘sensitive’ which indeed you are, but in My Kingdom you are a Child of God, do not use worldly terms for they are misunderstood. My Kingdom is not of this world and it is best to think on these things. No demon has authority to touch you. I have given them authority to speak to you trusting that you can discern one spirit from the next. Know that I watch over you for you are very special to me.

My presence is in you. Do you see that when you feel me in your legs that it is I that you sense. I want you to know when it is I because you will sense when others are among you but you will not feel them in your legs for usually the senses of the supernatural are felt in the neck and back, that is not Me, that is another. Your thighs and legs, that is I who speaks to you and who is in your presence.

There is coming a time very soon when you will hear the voice of many spirits. You are to take charge over them for not all of them are of me and many will seek to destroy your perception of reality. Know that I have called you to this place. Know that I have called you to step apart from other men. You will be persecuted at first for they will say that this is not of God but soon after miracles will flow through you with a mighty force that has never been seen before. Know that this is Me and that it is I working through you. Yes you will raise many from the dead, some you will have seen prior to bringing them back to this life. It is my will for when they come back they will help you destroy Satan and his stronghold on men. These things are taking place and you will see them start to manifest before your eyes. Tonight, be ready, my will is taking place in the Nations. I am here with you and you are protected. Be willing to do my will. Go forth in peace and understanding. It is okay to speak these things forth for it is my will for you to delve into My supernatural power for the spirit world is not evil, Satan is evil in his self, not in the spirit. I love you; do not worry for these things must take place.

Ok, I don’t know how you took that but it freaked the hell outta me. If you knew me you would know that I HATE scary! Hate scary movies, stories, etc. Don’t watch suspense or thriller movies except on a rare occasion; I like FUNNY and HAPPY. A while back I was on YouTube watching flicks on angel sightings and came across fallen angel sightings so I watched a couple. One freaked me out so bad that as a grown ass 33 year old woman I was walking around the house trying to do house work sensing things and saying out loud, “I don’t want to see one, I don’t want to see one!” I was scared that I was going to see one, which was weird because I never have, or so I thought. I found out soon after that when I was just a little baby, three years old and under, demons and/or spirits used to torment me in what our family calls the brown house. This didn’t stop until after my mom accepted Jesus and became a Christian. My mom’s Christian friends came over and prayed over me and the house and told the demons and/or spirits to leave me alone in the name of Jesus. My mom says that one day at about age three I was standing around the house and said, “They are gone!” and never had issues since. This explained my fear of not wanting to see them.

It is hard to explain everything and all the details of my experiences, but I want you to understand some of why God said the things that He said above. I did have an encounter with God (or the Holy Spirit) to where I know when He is in my presence. My legs burn as if on fire. This was happening for months but not so much anymore.

Another note, when God told me these things about spirits speaking to me I freaked out and didn’t talk to God for a week or so and tried to contact any spiritual leaders who have experience in this stuff. I didn’t trust that God knew what it was that He was doing. The advice I got was, “The bottom line is that all supernatural things should drive us into a greater relationship with the Holy Spirit. He is our tutor and our guide.” I wanted someone to guide me, but they were leaving me in God’s hands.

Now to the supernatural or spiritual happenings, some of which I have documented in my journals.

6/15/09 – God spoke to me again like he had been every day for many months. (At this point I forgot about what I wrote above for the most part, it scared me so I blocked it out and never reread it.) God started telling me about my neighbors. I bought this house a year prior to this date and have met my neighbors but don’t know them. He told me that my neighbor to my right had hardened his heart towards Him and that the neighbors behind me were tormented by evil spirits. Not even giving it a second thought I prayed and asked God to send His angels over to remove the evil spirits from the house – wouldn’t any good Christian do this?!? Sometime later that evening I heard screaming, but it wasn’t screaming in the natural it was in the spirit. I could almost see it, a very angry ugly woman flaying her arms around and her matted hair moving with them. She/it was screaming in anger and from the bottom of her throat, a deep scream, not shrieking, as if to get my attention. I said, “Yes?” “I’m going to kill you! I’m going to kill you!” was the response. I immediately put two and two together and told the evil spirit that I was a Child of God and to leave me alone.

I’m a little confused on which day this happened because I wrote things down days later but I believe it was the same night on 6/15/09 a little after the screaming spirit spoke to me. Another spirit contacted me and said her name was Stephanie but I couldn’t understand what it was she was saying, it was as if she couldn’t get the words out, so I blocked her out. Then soon later a third spirit spoke. This one was a man who had a deep manly voice, very distinct sounding. He said his name was Joseph Young. He asked that when I brought people back from the dead that I also bring him back so that he could tell people that he was deceived.

In the previous months God had been telling me how he was going to invade earth with his supernatural power and do miracles that have never been seen. One being people raised from the dead who I think He called men of old, I took this as people who have been dead for many years not ones who just died. Like I told you earlier I am a Christian but my mom and her whole family were Mormons so the Joseph Young name seemed to be Mormon but I thought Joseph Smith was the Mormon dude. I went online the next day and this is what I found out.

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Joseph Young (April 7, 1797July 16, 1881) was an early convert to the Latter Day Saint movement and was a missionary and longtime general authority of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church). He was an elder brother of Brigham Young.

Young was born in Hopkinton, Massachusetts, the eighth child born to John Young and Abigail (Nabbie) Howe.

In 1830, while he was a preacher for the Methodist Church in Upper Canada, Young was introduced to the Book of Mormon by his younger brother Brigham. Joseph eventually abandoned the Methodist faith and was baptized a member of the Church of Christ by Daniel Brown in Columbia, Pennsylvania on April 6, 1832.

I didn’t even know there was a Joseph Young, I only knew about Joseph Smith. I find it interesting that Joseph Young was a Methodist Christian before being deceived and following the Latter-day Saints movement. So was that really Joseph Young or a deceiving spirit. Not sure. The next thing that happened, which I haven’t really told anyone, baffled me quite a bit because it involved God and two more spirits.

On the same evening, if I have my facts straight, God spoke to me and introduced me to two spirits: Bobby and Stephanie. God told me that Bobby, a teenager, had been playing with the family rifle and shot and killed himself, I also saw glimpses of this occurring in the spirit (he was outside). Next He introduced me to Stephanie, a little girl, the same girl who tried to speak to me earlier. This explained why she had a hard time communicating; she was just a little girl. I saw three visions for a split second as God spoke. The little girl had been kidnapped, raped or molested, killed and dumped into the trash can on the left side of the parent’s house. God asked me to pray for their families because they were torn to pieces by these tragedies so I did.

The next day I told my friend, a Christian, and she said I needed to turn all that off and not speak to them. I did, but it wasn't easy, it is like my ears were opened. None of this really scared me very much because God was there in the mist of it all. But it did not stop there.

6/16/09 – I’m 34. My almost 15 year old son and I were sitting on the couch talking as we often do. I had spiritual things on my mind, wondering how it all works. I said something to the affect of “I bet (spiritual) things happen to people all the time and they say, Oh, that must have just been the wind!” Jordan agreed. Later that evening at bed time around 9pm or so I was laying in my bed and Jordan was sitting at my feet talking my ear off I’m sure. Out of the blue about two feet behind Jordan’s head, up and to the right side, I hear a whistle as if saying “hey you, look at me!” Understand all the windows and doors were shut, nobody in the house. I looked up towards the whistle and back down at Jordan and said, “Did you hear the whistling?” Jordan replied without flinching, “yes!” and then changed the subject. I said, “So is this one of those times when people say it was just the wind?” He replied, “Yes!” and we agreed it would be a good idea to pray (for protection).

From this point I stopped writing things down because as things happened I got more and more scared. But a little after it happened I emailed an old high school friend and gave her a summary of what had been happening:

8/17/09 – So then about three weeks ago I felt something pinch my ankle so hard it woke me up in the middle of the night and I was so scared I pretended not to feel it and acted like I was still asleep.

Last Sunday, 1 week ago, I had previously heard this guy talking about his book, "When Pigs Move In" and he said how demons get inside of people, etc. and it is about deliverance. So Sunday night I felt something go up my spine and I started having intense fear (in the front part of my brain). Fear is not from God so I prayed that any demons would leave my house, my room and my body. In the spirit I saw a demon come out of my head screaming for about 1.5 feet and then it vanished, I also sensed two other spirits leaving at the same time but only saw them as shadowy or misty.

Last night Satan, or a stronger demon than the rest, kept trying to talk to me and I've done everything I can to close him out. I was telling my mom about this so she could continue to pray for me.

At one point I felt a shadow, pure evil, in my room hovering over me. I was filled with pure terror and remembered hearing someone saying that Satan cannot reside in the presence of praising God so I laid there not moving while speaking praises to God and soon a blanket of God’s glory covered me and the evil left.

Everything had gotten so bad and scary that my mom and dad prayed over me like her friends had done when I was a little girl rebuking Satan and telling the demons/spirits to leave me alone and praying for God’s protection in the name of Jesus. A few days ago I would have said thank the Lord those days are over but the night before last, a spirit spoke to me but I quickly realized he was not of God and stopped listening. My haunted house is no longer quite so haunted, lately it feels like a home again and I am grateful for that.

I think God was teaching me a lesson about the spirit world. I think he was showing me that it is all real, showing me how witchcraft works, showing me that people really are tormented, showing me that Satan’s biggest weapon is fear, and most of all showing me that He would protect me when I am in that kind of spiritual situation. I have also learned how to deliver myself from demonic oppression, in Jesus’ name.

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  1. This story was shared with me by a friend who wishes to remain anonymous. I would like to thank him/her for giving me the permission to post it.


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