14 September 2009

Mobster Monday - Al Capone

About a month ago, a few of us went off on a mission. The mission was to find the grave of Alphonse Capone. We knew he was buried in Mount Carmel Cemetery, in Hillside, IL. But I did not right down any other information. I remember that I read it was to the right, right after the entrance. Big question, is which entrance. I though it was the main entrance. So, we drove from the side entrance on Roosevelt to the main. Locked the car and started walking though this large, old, beautiful cemetery, searching for his burial site. We searched for over an hour and decided to get back in the car and drive around, as the cemetery is huge! While driving, we noticed a parked car in front of us, with some teenagers and an adult in it. I asked my friend, "what do you think they are doing?" - we were not close enough to see.
She laughed and said, "probably looking at Capone's gravesite!"
Right she was. We got up there and laughed at ourselves. He was buried right were we originally entered the cemetery.

The photo above marks the family plots. There are individual stones for many family members.

Notice the cigar that was left behind for him, bottom of the stone, to the right of the cross.

Many movies have been made on the life and crimes of Al Capone, so I will not post anything about it. Just some words of caution to those that try to outsmart the law.
Yes, Capone was a Gangster! Yes, he did terrible things to many people. But, remember this. He was convicted of tax fraud. Never a murder!


  1. I love finding the tombstones of famous folks. This one is pretty spectacular. I guess he does need Jesus' mercy.

  2. Awesome post. I plan on taking a trip to Washington for 2 of my favorites...Jimi Hendrix and Bruce Lee...

  3. Deez, that would be cool!
    Lindalee, he definitely needs the Mercy of Jesus!

  4. http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3498/3957760957_65597a6dd5_z.jpg

    mercy, me!


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