03 September 2009

That Thing Thursday

This weeks "Thing" is an emu that I saw while visiting Bubbling Springs Pet Cemetery in Napa, CA. I wanted to go there and see how far people go for their pets burials. There wasn't anything too elaborate but coming from the ghetto it was hard for me to comprehend that there was a place like this in the first place. We probably had 3 or 4 cats, a dog and probably a gold fish or two buried in my backyard. Well at least I thought I did anyway. I don't know what my dad did when we weren't looking and Mom's chili never tasted funny but it seems weird to have a bunch of dead animals in your backyard now that I'm older.They also had a couple Llama in a pen there as well. It's possible these live animals were guarding the sea of dead cats, dogs, rabbits and who knows what else. It's amazing to me that people love their animals so much that their seems to be no separation between animal and human. I guess this all depends on your upbringing. There is a place I did some work in San Francisco called Wag Hotel it's basically a hotel for your dog. The guy took me around the place and showed me everything they do there. I'm not doing a commercial here but this thing is amazing. They have screens in all the rooms and the dog or cat can watch TV. A person can be on vacation and log onto the internet and look at their dog in this room. I think it's rather ridiculous. It's a far stretch from dumping a bag of food on the porch and filling up a bucket of water or asking the neighbor to make sure your dog is fed while you're on vacation. Just amazing...again I think it comes down to upbringing. I guess this is the point where I go on record and say that no I'm not an animal lover but I do like animals. My only rule is they must belong to someone else and that someone else better have control of their animal and be able to prevent it from jumping on me. Yes I will punch your dog if I feel threatened...don't get mad.

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