08 September 2009

Tombstone Tuesday

This picture was taken at Oakview Memorial in Antioch, CA. I found it interesting that it looked more like the stump of a petrified tree than anything else. Even more strange was that somebody had been there to place the flowers. Upon closer inspection the stump in the back was a tree of some kind that was pretty flaky. The whole thing was very puzzling. I looked around and the tree seemed to be the only marker. I had to come back and edit this post because I don't remember seeing that thing on the bottom right of the stump. I have no idea what it is. I took another picture of the backside which I'll include as well...any ideas?


  1. Upon further inspection it appears to be a headless angel. I still don't remember it being there...

  2. Very strange...I don't even see the headless angel.

  3. If you click the picture and zoom in a little you'll see it on the ground next to the stump...


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