25 September 2009

Freaky Friday - Or Me

Many of you may be wondering "Who is this guy?" "What does he look like?" So I decided to post a few pics of myself and as I was digging for something that didn't make me look like a goon I realized. I don't have many that don't make me look like a goon. Fact is I hate taking pictures of myself. The only ones that seem to come out right are when I wasn't really expecting something to be taken or didn't know that I was being photographed. Something about being aware makes the inner goon come out. So anyway here is the guy we all know as Deez...Of course my real name is just plain ol' Joe. I didn't realize until it was too late that I still had that old pseudonym set up on my account. But whatever too late to change it now. So here he is in all his glory or lack thereof...
This one is what I like to refer to as my Calvin Klein ad. Of course I never modeled for Calvin but if I did I'd imagine it to look like this. It's actually a pic I didn't know was being taken. I was out hiking and somebody randomly snapped it. Of course I did some editing by basically making it black and white.

I'd also like to present the pic I call the Wolf Man. I decided to grow my beard out because I was on vacation at the time and had no reason to shave. I think all guys go through the phases of the wolfman. My hair is naturally curly so I tried to grow it out once but like most guys, or should I say cool guys, I figured out real quick that when you have naturally curly hair it's best to just cut it off.

This is the pic I call the Afro pic. This is the longest I've had my hair in about 18 years. Everyone kept bugging me to grow it out and I kept telling them I hated it. As you can see it was hot that day and it made me extra sweaty. So shortly after this pic was taken I shaved my hair back off. Needless to say...hate my hair...

So here I am...my name is Joe and I'm addicted to cemeteries. Please disregard that last picture. One of those that I knew was being taken because I took it myself, I look like a goon and have I mentioned I hate my hair?

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