08 December 2009

Tombstone Tales: The Kiss of Death / Forever Breathless

J. Barba's statue dominates a tomb in the Old Graveyard of Poblenou (Barcelona).
Photo by EudaldCJ, on Flickr

A black widow came to me

and said:

"As in ancient times,

crown thy head

with thorns and celebrate

this celestial body of mine

as I kiss you

to your Death.

Drink my blood-red wine

and enjoy the joy of my flesh

and the fresh flowers blooming

in my country flooding

of milk

and honey, run with me

through the woods and love me



Copyright by Patrick Bernauw, Memoirs of Lord Halloween.



  1. This is one of my favourite monuments, I saw it for the first time earlier this year and looking into it’s vacant eyes is like staring at death itself, it’s amazing.

  2. That picture is just something else. It's eerie and I can't seem to look away.


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