15 December 2009

Tombstone Tuesday - Unknown Mausoleum

This picture was taken at St. John's Cemetery in San Mateo California. Upon entering the cemetery it was the first thing that caught my eye. How could you miss it? It looked like something you'd see if you were to visit ancient Rome. The strange thing is there were no markings on it at all. Nothing saying who was buried inside and the door seemed to be made of iron. Nobody on the internet can tell me who is buried here. I guess I could call the cemetery and see if they'll tell me but what would be the fun in that?

Above you see the original picture as it came out of my camera. Here you see a color version I edited using Photoshop. You can see I've changed a few things. I love this picture and will probaby order it on canvas when i get a chance.

This is another edited version of the same picture done in an antique style. Both pictures came out great and I'm happy with the results. I just wish I knew who was buried here. I'm not sure why they chose to not mark it with something. The graves in front of it are not part of this beautiful monument. Although this wasn't a terribly huge cemetery it just goes to show you that every cemetery has a hidden gem. The cemetery was also in an odd place. Nestled in between a residential neighborhood surrounded by houses. If it weren't for GPS I would have probably never known it was there. It was beautiful for a smaller cemetery and definitely worth a visit...


  1. Just beautiful, love the 2nd and 3rd versions of this photo.

  2. I really like that second one Deez!Very frame worthy!

  3. I love the third one but I'm a black and white picture/film gal.


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