21 December 2009

Monday Madness

I usually don't post on Monday but I've been going a little mad as of late. With the Christmas holiday approaching it's getting crazier and crazier around here. My job always tries to kill us right before the end of the year. I think mainly so the sales guys can get their end of the year bonus while everyone else has to be happy just collecting their regular paychecks like the drones we are. It's at this time of the year when I usually realize my title at work is only given so that I can deal with all the crap other people don't want to deal with. And usually when I'm down and in a funk I turn to Photoshop where I can lose myself in a false reality and create something that takes me somewhere else. Even though I'm really just sitting here in my chair on my laptop.

I did this picture the other day. The style is called Tilt Shift Photography. I guess they actually make lenses that do this. Since I neither have the correct camera nor the correct lens, I decided that I'd see if I could fake it in photoshop. Please click the picture to see the larger image. What it's supposed to do it make the scene appear miniature. What you see here is a shot of Millionaire's Row at Mountain View Cemetery in Oakland, CA.


  1. Very cool! You can't really see it in the the thumbnail, but when you click on the full-size image, it looks like a photo of a little toy village! Are you going to tell us how you did it? :-)

    I hope your week gets better, Deez. My husband is feeling the same way, as I think lots of folks also are.

    Little Bytes of Life

  2. I did it in Photoshop using a tutorial. I found out about the style a few weeks ago looking through other peoples work. I guess they make a lens that does it too but alas I don't have the cool camera that's necessary. I just Googled tilt shift photography photoshop and it was the first link. I've done other pictures too but they're not cemetery related so I didn't put them up.


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