11 December 2009

Paranormal Activity Near a Cemetery Without History

St. Georges churchyard, Schenectady, NY

You will hear my heavy steps
like boots, slow and determined
on the second floor and
you will not see me.

You will see
my tall shape in the bedroom
of your children: featureless
face in the dark
Dracula cape screaming and
you will not hear me.

Stay awake at night
after the lights go out
for no more than ten minutes
and you will hear me
moving, picking up things and softly
putting them down.

Take a shower,
I’ll scratch your back
and leave tiny scars
like claws and you
will not see me.

You will hear me
whisper in your ear:

You will hear me sigh:

This Tombstone Tale was inspired by the article "Help! Our House Is Haunted"


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